How Do I Cope With Divorce?

Divorce is a traumatic event. You split with a person to whom you have committed your life. If you have been together a long time, or have kids, it is especially tumultuous. Besides the death of a loved one, it thought of as the most difficult situation with which to cope. I am going through a […]

Do I Need Psychotherapy?

Let’s face it, we all have problems. Nobody is leading a perfect life. Some problems are relatively minor and do not really disrupt your daily living patterns. Others wreak havoc on your life. So, you may be asking, should I go to therapy to deal with my issues? Psychotherapy is a commitment of time, effort, […]

How To Be Mindful Today

Being mindful has never been more important. The country has never felt more divided and contentious.  Sometimes you simply need to be in the moment and escape from the minutiae of life.  Mindfulness is a valuable skill in these hectic times. The following guidelines will help you in your quest to achieve mindfulness. Be present […]

Pleasure and Achievement: The Keys To Happiness

As I mentioned in the post Everything in Moderation, realistic thinking is a large part of being happy. Another important factor is examining how you are benefiting from the activities you are choosing to perform. Happiness is built on two types of activities: those that give you pleasure and those that give you a sense […]

Everything in Moderation

Everything in Moderation is the key to mental health. This may sound oversimplified (and it is to an extent) but it is generally true. In order to be successful, moderation must pertain to both our behavior and to our thinking. Let’s look at how moderation can help us achieve optimal mental health. Moderation in Behavior […]

Steps to Improve Your Sleep

As I mentioned in the Healthy Trinity, I believe sleep is the most important thing we can do for our physical and psychological health. We perform best with 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Like oral hygiene and physical health, there are things you can do to help optimize your sleep. Ways to Improve Your […]