Is Family Worth It?

The holiday season is upon us. Media is saturated with themes of love and family. We are fed the same messages over and over: nothing is more important than family. So, what happens when you are in the middle of a fight with your relatives? What if you have limited contact with them? Is it worth […]

Ripping Off The Band-Aid

Today, I am going to discuss Ripping Off the Band-Aid, especially as it pertains to anxiety. I suffer from anxiety, especially when it comes to social situations. I hate the idea of being judged and, in the past, it has kept me from doing a lot of things I knew were good for me or […]

What Is CBT and Why Should I Care?

You may have heard of Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT. It is the most common form of psychological treatment, used by therapists to help with a variety of emotional issues, including depression and anxiety. The good news is that it is a short-term treatment, meaning you can begin to see results in 3-12 months. You […]

10 Ways to Cope With Shame

Shame can be debilitating. Whether you have felt chronic shame over your lifetime, or feel shame due to a specific event, it can lead to serious psychological consequences if not dealt with in a healthy manner. What is Shame? Brené Brown, noted shame researcher and author, describes shame as “the intensely painful feeling or experience […]