The Danger of Absolute Thinking

This past week it was revealed that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam had a racist picture on his medical school yearbook page from 1984. In the picture, one person is wearing a KKK hood and the other is in blackface. Northam initially took responsibility for the picture and apologized; regrettably, he later said it wasn’t him […]

Parenting Teenagers 101

Parenting an adolescent is one of the most difficult endeavors most people will ever undertake. Teenagers are a unique animal, stuck somewhere between childish immaturity and burgeoning adulthood. Adding to the difficulty are raging hormones and an all-knowing view of the world. What is a parent to do? Give Them Space Most teenagers are very […]

Is Family Worth It?

The holiday season is upon us. Media is saturated with themes of love and family. We are fed the same messages over and over: nothing is more important than family. So, what happens when you are in the middle of a fight with your relatives? What if you have limited contact with them? Is it worth […]